Visualizzazione dei post da Gennaio, 2011

Gian Berra, in 2011 a new year of the painter of the soul of Veneto

Gian Berra in 1973.....

  My roots are important. These are the childhood experiences that form. Forget or pretend to be water under the bridge that is misleading. I care so much that I do I compare with them every moment. Return to your roots is how to get the strength, enthusiasm, willingness to grow as all the puppies of the human being. Mature without carrying the wonder of childhood is like dying. Nature is indifferent to the identity of the individual creatures. It affects the mass of life that replicates itself. So I think that intelligence is an event happened by chance, at least until it really will not be used for the benefit of each identity that you want to play live the life.

Gian Berra organize the first public exhibitions of his art in the late 70's when the great leap of the art market has now been exhausted. The economic boom is now a memory and the reality of things requires a period of reflection really healthy. Listen to him:

  "... It seemed that the illu…